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Ex-‘Top Gear’ Hosts in Talks for New Series

With the global hit “Top Gear” rebooting in the...   (Variety)

Long-Running Series Sinks to an Unhappy Milestone

A TV show that has been on the air...   (Soap Opera Network)

ABC Show Extends Its Streak as Sunday’s Most-Watched Series

An ABC series is on a roll in Sunday...   (TVWeek)

USA Victory in Women’s World Cup Delivers a Ratings Record

Even with the game winding up as a rout,...   (TVWeek)

Streaming Services Take Wraps Off Ambitious Lineup of New Programming This Month

Major streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and...   (TV Media Insights)

Traveling Marvel Theme Park Tour Shuts Down Early

A $30 million summer tour built around Marvel’s lineup...   (AP)

The Grateful Dead Calls It a Career

The legendary band the Grateful Dead has played its...   (TVWeek, NY Times)

E! Renews Series

With its midseason finale looming, an E! series got...   (TVWeek)

NBC Cancels Drama Series

An NBC drama series that recently wrapped its season...   (Variety)

Jon Stewart Unloads on Donald Trump — and Comes Up With a Campaign Slogan for Trump 2016; Here’s the Video

Jon Stewart got in his licks about Donald Trump...   (Comedy Central)

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Media Buyer of the Year

TVWeek names its Media Buyer of the Year. It's Christine Merrifield. She's President, Investment, Activation and Operations for MediaVest USA. Though she has a traditional media background, Merrifield has been on the leading edge of media dealmaking in the digital arena as she partners companies such as Google with MediaVest's blue-chip lineup of clients, from Honda to Walmart to Coke. She helps shepherd billions of dollars in media spending. If you CLICK ON THE PICTURE above you'll be taken to the interview.